Not Acceptable – Justin Rose

Justin rose, of Britain has taken her hit at the men-only golf clubs just before the Ryder Cup. She has said that male-only golf clubs should be banned and not allowed to host British Open.

Justin Rose was the 2013 winner of the U.S Open and is seeded sixth. She has said that she wishes and expects to see changes in the all-men bastions such as Royal Troon, Royal St. Georges which are all on host rotations for British Open. She hopes that the changes will be seen very soon. Justin thinks that the clubs have the authority and the right to do all that they want to do. But these are only limits that they are setting for what they host and also to the potential position to the world.

She has criticized by saying that if you are hosting events and games that are such high-end then there is always a need for you to check and consider what the mainstream society thinks and accepts. All the reviews and comments being made by Justin have added to the pressure on the clubs since it made its decision.

Justin will be experiencing his First ever Ryder Cup at home after he had silenced everyone and in particular the U.S spectators in 2008 and 2012. He is very eager to play for the cup and he says that he is too excited to feel the environment after he has played well. He has said that when you know your ability can light up the whole crowd nothing can be more exhilarating and he hopes to make that happen. He wants to create such opportunities so that he can put his game in position. He enjoys the praise that he receives after the game which pushes him further each time.