Justin Rose Biography

Justin Rose was born in Johannesburg in South Africa. He is a professional golfer and he was born on the 30th of July in the year 1980. He shot to limelight when he was playing at an amateur level. He took a very difficult shot from a bunker and made the 18th hole in style. He got a lot of attention and he turned professional the following month. His international career has been full of ups and downs as he took quite some time to make some sort of positive impact on the game. He played many tours without any good result and hence he has a tough time establishing himself in the professional scene.

The most striking feature of his game is his tremendous control over his nerves. Justin Rose can handle pressure very well and this has come with experience and a lot of conditioning. He is one of those players who attach a lot of importance to mental fitness along with physical fitness. He regularly attends mental conditioning sessions as he firmly believes that a strong mental build is essential for a successful athlete. He mostly plays in the US PGA or the American professional golfing association but he also plays for the European tour. He has recently been quite successful with a few titles wins and he has also enjoyed a place in the top ten of the official world golf rankings.

Justin Rose believes in a lot of hard work and he is a very dedicated athlete. He puts in a lot of effort behind every tour and he can be seen practicing throughout the year. His dedication towards the game has helped him build a very sound technique which provides a solid base for his career. He has fought back from severe slumps in his form by sheer hard work and a good sound technique. He has a very good drive and he can analyze weather and game conditions very accurately and hence he can give himself a very good start. He is also very good at putting and his deft touches have become quite popular.

Justin Rose has played in the Ryder Cup and he has represented England in the tournament and has made important contributions towards the victory of his team.  The Ryder Cup is one of the most prestigious golf tournaments and it is a dream of every professional golfer to represent his country in the tournament. The Ryder cup is held each year between England and the United States of America. He has helped hi side win the tournament by making some very good long range and accurate drives and some deft putts. Teeing off is the most important aspect of golf and hence a good start is absolutely essential for a golfer.

Justin Rose has also played in the Japan Tour and has been very successful in that edition also. He has been as successful as he was able to adapt to the Asian condition perfectly and blend in with the people perfectly.

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