Justin Rose Ready For Rio

The Englishman golfer and former US Open winner Justin Rose is all fired up to compete for his country in the forthcoming Rio Olympics.

With many of the popular golfing stars withdrawing from playing the Olympics due to Zika virus scare and for other reasons, Justin Rose says he is pretty excited to be playing in Rio. He says that his enthusiasm to take part in the Rio Olympics stemmed from the sporting background of his wife.

He is happy to be in the team Great Britain to help the team win the Olympics gold. He will also be taking part in the opening ceremony to be held at Rio on August 5th. Justin has embraced the Olympics as a whole and his focus is not solely on golf. He said that once golf event starts, then it is a tournament duty for him. Otherwise, he will also join in on the Olympic spirit and enjoy every bit of time that he spends in Rio.

Justin said that the Olympics are a big part of his family. His wife was a gymnast and competing in the Olympics was a huge dream of hers. As she is pretty excited about the Olympics, he too has joined in with her to celebrate the Olympics. This is the first time in 100 years that golf is part of the Olympics. He believes that it would soon become popular and like tennis many of the world’s best golfers will compete at the Olympics to win gold for their country.

Justin is not at the Rio to play to the gallery. He is there to get access to whatever Olympic events he can watch and wants to enjoy the complete Olympic spirit. He is in decent form and the 36 year old golfer is looking to make use of the current form to bring home a gold medal for Great Britain.