• This trains an even rate of acceleration change, not rhythm. Rhythm is all parts of a system moving at the same angular speed – like the spokes on a bicycle wheel. You can have a “jabby” stroke and great rhythm. Great drill, but if over done may cause deceleration.

  • He made a great put on the Ryder Cup final day (17th) so I think he knows what he’s on about…

  • Watch Gary Player, how he used to jab at the putts, but he was a great putter. Rythmn is over rated!!

  • Keeping that rhythm throughout the swing is extremely important tho. Yea, that last putt only went a few feet, but the tempo was great. Knowing the length of your back swing & always having the same follow-through has always worked for me. & I would like think my short game is my strongest. Keeping my drives on the fairway & my irons straight seems to be my problem. Just can’t keep a consistent swing! BAGH! This game they call golf!

  • I think his idea is more focused at short putts which he kinda touches on, and instead of hitting a longer putt harder just take a longer smoother backstroke?

  • Would like to see him hole a 60-footer while keeping that 50p on his club.

  • lol the last putt he did where he made an effort at keeping the coin on went like 5 feet

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