Rose reveals how he sustained shoulder injury

English golfer Justin Rose had been out for most of the early part of the 2014 season with a shoulder injury before making his return to competitive golf in the Northern Trust Open at the Riviera CC in Los Angeles, California.

And the question on everyone’s mind at the moment is how he managed to injure his shoulder in the off season.

According to the golfer, he hurt his shoulder while throwing a golf ball at his caddie while playing at The Barclays and it has been confirmed that Rose played through the remainder of the 2013 season with that injury.

And with such a comment coming from the golfer, it doesn’t bode well with the long argued comment that golfers are also athletes as well.

It’s not that Justin Rose was trying to throw a slider to his caddie or was even trying to break the speed barrier on the greens. He could also have said that he didn’t hurt his shoulder but it was just normal wear and tear. Still, Rose managed to battle through that injury and that was commendable.

Rose mentioned that beginning from October, he played till the end of the season with that injury, adding that he had thought a few days’ rest during the off period in Christmas would have been enough to heal it but it didn’t happen and that is when he realized he needed to put in a lot of effort into it. But there was nothing to fear as it didn’t require any surgery and there was no tear as well.

Justin Rose admitted that now that he is healthy again, his goal is to improve as a golfer day in and day out and build up some confidence in his game and he also wants to be more disciplined as well.